Holy Cow!

Has the cost of your Studio Management Software increased unreasonably!? We've been tinkering away, and have the ultimate solution to run ALL facets of your well-being enterprise.

We Can Help!
Just like in Yoga, how all layers of the being are acknowledged, CowTinker addresses all aspects of the business. We are a team of studio owners who live and breathe the cash and time crunch, and designed a thoughtfully empowering platform that is studio-centric, cost-effective, and embraces all the aspects of yoga.

While transitions can be scary, our technology makes it easy to mooo(ve) your data from any platform. Nothing is lost during migration.

We seek 50 studios interested in a more efficient way to manage and organize their business, and who want to be part of the change to a more modern and empowering platform.

Early adopters will enjoy their pricing locked-in for the future! Fill out our demo request, and someone will contact you shortly. Namaste :-)


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